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Year in review: Economy uptick; county still broke

This year in Baker County new businesses opened or expanded, planning began for new residential housing and unemployment dropped below 5 percent, which many economists describe as full employment. But as the lives of many residents surely improved, the dark cloud of a looming budget crisis hung over county government. Read More »

Year in review: Thompson says ‘adios’ in late ’15

Two perhaps seemingly minor headlines from 2015 have the potential to make big changes in the county next year — the turnover in the county manager’s position and the potential change in the county’s congressional representative after the 2016 election. Read More »

Year in review: Fees ditched to spur growth

Though Baker County continued growing in 2015, gaining more homes and businesses, it wasn’t coming fast enough for city and county officials, who approved development plans and nixed impact fees they say were holding back the local economy. Read More »

ICYMI: These achievers were featured in ’15

ICYMI (in case you missed it): 2015 the saw the quiet exit of a long-time leader for a very beloved local institution, the Baker County Fair Association, in Cathy Rhoden. Read More »

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