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Shoplifts TV, a laptop

A Hilliard man was charged with one count of felony theft for attempting to steal a $600 television from the Macclenny Walmart in the early afternoon of February 27.

Derek Hernandez, 43, also faces an additional charge for stealing a laptop computer from the same store four days earlier.

Police were called about noon after a store security worker observed the suspect place the TV in a shopping cart and proceed out the door. When he was stopped, he allegedly began cursing and resisting the employee, at one point stabbing him in the abdomen with a key.

Deputy Michael Antonini said Mr. Hernandez produced a receipt that he insisted was proof that he paid for the unit, even though surveillance video showed that he did not go to a register before leaving.

Closer examination by the store revealed the receipt was bogus, and included a time stamp that was actually an hour and a half into the future. There was no explanation of how the suspect came by the receipt that also had a faulty register number.

The store’s security employee then produced a video that depicted Mr. Hernandez as the person who took the laptop on February 23.  The computer was also valued at $600.

Deputy Antonini filed additional counts for resisting a merchant and presenting a fraudulent receipt, both misdemeanors.

In other shoplifting arrests at Walmart recently, Jalisa Tootle, 25, of Macclenny was caught attempting to leave the evening of February 27 with $217 worth of merchandise.

Store security said she paid for several small items before leaving, and Ms. Tootle told Deputy Michael Clark she needed the items for her 3-month-old son. The merchandise inventory included mostly adult clothing, including lingerie.

• Deputy Jeremiah Combs arrested Sherri Audesy, 50, of Glen St. Mary for theft of $34 in craft items the evening of February 26. Store security observed her paying for groceries but bagging the others without scanning them.

• A criminal complaint for petty theft was filed on March 1 against Jessica McMinn, 26, of Lake Park, FL for theft of bedding worth $230 from the Macclenny Travelodge.

Shoplifter also had drugs

A Macclenny man caught shoplifting at Walmart the afternoon of March 1 was also charged with possession of three types of prescription drugs.

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Teacher union vexed about VAM

New teacher evaluation data recently released by the state show Baker County’s crop of educators fare well compared to other districts in the region. Read More »

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