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Gunfire on street in north Sanderson



Two Sanderson residents are charged with firing at least six shots at a pedestrian on CR 127 during the early morning hours of September 1. Read More »

LPA to tackle ‘nuts, bolts’ of new zoning code

A major rewrite of Baker County’s zoning code, which was shelved last year after a controversy erupted over sand mining, could be another year away from completion now that a zoning advisory panel has been tasked with a more extensive review of the code. Read More »

Budget showing a surplus in Glen

While county government continues to struggle with $1 million-plus deficits, and the City of Macclenny pares its expenses in anticipation of massive utility repairs in the near future, the Town of Glen St. Mary anticipates taking in more revenue in fiscal 2015 than it spends.

Read More »

Upholds road paving rule, LPA denies contractor’s appeal

The validity of zoning regulations requiring all new homes in a subdivision to have direct access to paved roads was upheld by the Baker County Land Planning Agency, or LPA, at a meeting the evening of August 21. Read More »

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