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3 sickened by smuggled drug



A Lake City woman is charged with bringing a synthetic drug into county jail early on January 4 and giving it out to three fellow inmates who were treated at Fraser Hospital for its ill-effects. Read More »

Arrest for reckless driving

A Macclenny man was arrested the night of January 9 and charged with reckless driving after a deputy saw him lose control of the back of his truck and force other drivers to take evasive action. Read More »

Man uses worthless card to buy cell phones

An absconder from Alachua County probation with outstanding warrants and a history of fraud was named in a criminal complaint January 9 for fraudulently using a gift card to purchase $1103 worth of cell phones and electronics from the Metro PCS on South 6th St. in Macclenny. Read More »

Tighter cost controls sought on county projects

Baker County commissioners have vowed to never be caught off guard again by huge cost overruns on public construction projects such as occurred on the county‚Äôs new transportation center in Macclenny, which ended up costing nearly $280,000 more than anticipated before opening a few months ago. Read More »

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