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Now’s the time to start pruning; remember to disinfect implements

Pruning of landscape trees and shrubs can begin this month and continue through February while plants are dormant. Improve tree health by removing dead and diseased limbs. Improve tree structure by removing and/or reducing damaged or rubbing limbs and limbs with included bark. If severe pruning is needed, it should be carried out over several years. Read More »

Chickens shedding feathers and laying fewer eggs? They’re molting

Have you noticed some of your chickens losing feathers during the last couple of months? Have your hens also decreased their egg production or stopped laying entirely? If so, your chickens are most likely going through a molt. Read More »

Bling Bullets: high fashion ammo

Bling Bullets

Bling Bullets

A Macclenny woman’s love of bling and passion for guns sparked a unique business idea for her and her husband. Read More »

Revamped MLK celebration

During the last three-and-a-half months a committee of some 25 residents has been planning a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade and celebration, and organizers say they’ve gotten overwhelming support from the community in the effort. Read More »

June/July Small Business Ad
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