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Day 100 of the school year at Pre-K Kindergarten Center

Students and teachers at the Pre-K Kindergarten Center on E. South Blvd. marked the 100th day of the school year February 3 by dressing up like geriatrics.

Teachers dawned grey wigs, robes, slippers, bifocals  or all of the above  and some like school principal Bonnie Jones completed the look with a walker. Children participated as well, some employing hair nets or faux beards made of face paint.

Activities for the day also incorporated the number 100.

“We’ve had so much fun today,” said pre-K teacher Amy Dennison, adding that one lesson tasked children with counting out 100 fruit loops and forming them into a necklace.

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MES marks Florida Arbor Day with tree planting

County Forester Andy Lamborn plants a river birch tree at Macclenny Elmentary.Florida Arbor Day arrived at Macclenny Elementary the afternoon of January 19 when students lent many a helping hand to plant four river birch trees in the school’s backyard while learning about them from county forester Andy Lamborn of the Florida Forest Service.

Two hundred and sixty nine students in all were briefed about the history of Arbor Day and trees themselves — how they clean the air, soak up water and nutrients from the soil and contribute to many, many things we use everyday, including toothbrushes and paper products.

Groups of four classes at a time gathered outside their classrooms around a pre-dug hole and potted river birch tree, which Mr. Lamborn said was chosen over other varieties because of its heartiness.

“It can handle just about anything,” he said.

The soil at Macclenny Elementary is rich with clay, likely used as fill material during the school’s construction, but the river birch can still thrive there. It’s also cold tolerant.

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Updated: High school gets ‘B’ after two straight ‘Ds’

From left: BCHS principal Tom Hill, Tyler Mobley, Jonny Lambright, Dillon Jones, Jena Sands, Superintendent Sherrie Raulerson and Robert Raulerson in the BCHS gym after the school's new grade was announced.Baker County High School made history last week by garnering its highest grade from the Florida Department of Education since the state began grading the school 13 years ago.

Superintendent of Schools Sherrie Raulerson convened teachers, faculty and students in the BCHS gym the morning of January 4 to make the announcement.

She addressed them with school principal Tom Hill alongside balloons, a large foam letter “B,” signifying the school’s new grade; all while the speakers pumped Kool and the Gang’s “Celebrate Good Times.”

“It’s the first time for Baker County High School, so of course, we’re thrilled,” Ms. Raulerson said later that day.

The new grade has been pending for months and Mr. Hill was confident his school would shake its “D” grade.

He just wasn’t sure how high it would go.His optimism came from the school’s 4 percent jump in graduation and improved FCAT performance, which makes up half the state’s formula for grading high schools.

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