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Guns are inanimate; mental state controls their use

Another nut case, another shooting.

By now we know they can occur on school campuses, at malls and theaters. The locations have a commonality in that people gather there, complete strangers to the shooters, and the victims believe they are in “safe” places they go in the course of a normal day — until the shooting starts. Read More »

The top Halloween costumes, as determined by the candidates

I was very excited the other day when NASA announced that they had discovered flowing water on Mars. Granted, what they discovered was not Martian rivers with waterfalls, etc. They discovered that small streams of extremely salty water exist at certain times in the Martian year. Read More »

Parents implicate children in thefts

Parents blamed what they claimed were drug-addicted children in two cases of grand theft reported to the sheriff’s department the past week. Read More »

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