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Childhood toys still hold value

My wife Kelley walked into the living room shaking her head. I was fighting a head cold by watching back to back bowl games and eating cookies my library partner Dianna Hinson had gotten me for Christmas.

“What’s wrong?”

“I was thwarted again.”

“Is that like, ‘curses, foiled again?’”

“Exactly like.”

“Who thwarted and foiled you?” Read More »

Youth activities key to county’s future

By Dillon Moore

A jobless young man addicted to drugs and bound for a life in and out of prison, a high school dropout who is pregnant, an overweight child sits at home staring into a tablet. Read More »

Booze, bra and a child: Woman jailed for DUI



A Macclenny mother was jailed the evening of December 14 for drunk driving while her 3-year-old daughter sat unrestrained in the front passenger seat of her 2009 Nissan SUV. Read More »

Caught with burglary tools



A county deputy who tailed a vehicle from Macclenny to Sanderson and back on December 21 after noticing it cruise by several closed businesses after midnight arrested the driver for possession of burglary tools and other charges. Read More »

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