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‘Central’ classes to hold a reunion

Children at the all-black Central Elementary School in the late 1960s couldn’t get away with much. Even when teachers left the room, and students misbehaved, somehow the teachers knew exactly what transpired in their absence.

“They always knew who was up walking around or whatever,” said Central Elementary alum Gail Haygood of Margaretta. “I never knew how they knew that.”

It took some years to figure it out, but one day it dawned on her. There was no air conditioning in those days so the pull-out windows near the ceiling were often open, reflecting a bird’s eye view of what was happening inside the classrooms to those outside.

“That was always cute for me because I tried to figure it out for years,” said Ms. Haygood, 54.

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Fatal testing flaw: outcomes are never ‘equal’

Permit me to add to Joel Addington’s comments in last week’s edition on the mish-mash that is Florida’s school grading and student testing system.

Back in those college years, I recall the second semester of political science course (my major) when I received a D after getting a B in the first section. After the first semester, using the reasoning powers of a typical 19-year-old, I figured the second phase would be a snap. So I attended class (shall we say?) infrequently.

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