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Neighbor hits mailbox, fights with cop

An incident that began the night of October 13 with a damaged mailbox ended the next morning with the arrest of the alleged vandal who became disruptive when he returned to the scene. Read More »

As IRS targets tax-free ICE jail bonds, what about us?

The cash-strapped Baker Correctional Development Corporation, the non-profit owning and operating the new jail, now possibly has another entity to worry about other than nervous bondholders who may be looking at the county to replenish a diminished reserve fund.

That would be the IRS. Read More »

Ghostly poems suit the eerie legend of Jean Petit Mountain

I know that Disney World is billed as the “Happiest Place on Earth,” but one of my happiest places is on top of Petit Jean Mountain in Arkansas. I’ve been going there pretty regularly since I was a graduate student at Baylor in 1982. Read More »

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