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Look for a ‘silly season’ race for governor

I am back in Florida.
I know that because when I woke up this morning I had a sinus headache and when I turned on the television I saw my first political attack ad a full year ahead of the election.
It’s exactly a year before Charlie Crist and Rick Scott square off in the governor’s race. But that doesn’t stop Scott or one of his proxies from airing an attack ad about Crist. I’m sure within a week, Crist, who just announced his candidacy, will fire back with an attack ad of his own. Read More »

Chargers top Cardinals in championship

The middle division Chargers was the winner in the championship game Tuesday night, November 12 against the Cardinals. The Chargers finished their season with a 22-6 victory. Above  Carson Crawford tries to break free from the Chargers defenders.

Attorney: county off hook on BCDC obligation

Sheriff Joey Dobson had said the answer was no months ago.
So did former county attorney Terry Brown years ago.
Now, newly hired County Attorney Rich Komando has made it unanimous.
The county commission would not, they all agree, be legally responsible for paying the debt on revenue bonds sold by the Baker Correctional Development Corporation to finance construction of the county jail five years ago.
Some commissioners had expressed concern earlier this year when the number of federal inmates housed in the county jail began to drop, causing a worrisome decline in revenue pledged to pay off the bonds. Read More »

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