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Area gets drenched

DSC_0020Residents who frequent the Boy Scout Camp Landing on the St. Mary’s River will  get a good idea what a moderate flood stage looks like in the photo above, taken on Tuesday afternoon when the river rose to the 15-foot level. The rains returned to Baker County later that evening, when the west and northwest quadrants were predicted for another four inches added to the 10-15 inches that fell the last seven days, much of it on Sunday. riverfloodingThe measuring station behind the Ag Center in Macclenny was showing less saturation compared to sections of the west, northwest and northeast county (see Facebook postings, page 3). David Richardson, chief of the county’s Emergency Management Office, said the heavy rains have not yet resulted in any major problems, and the sole road washout occurred on Steel Bridge Rd. (below) east of the boat landing. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates the St. Mary’s will begin to recede on Thursday.

Will dip into the surplus to balance

Baker County commissioners took the path of least resistance in shaping a new budget that will appeal to taxpayers and to county employees, but not to those who had pushed for deeper spending cuts to avoid using precious cash reserves to balance the budget.
Ending three months of budget workshops, the county board tentatively adopted a $27.4 million spending plan for 2014-15 the evening of September 4 in what turned out to be a brief, anticlimactic public hearing that drew no public comments. Read More »

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