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Pointless spending is not limited to football coaches at Whitey’s

Appalled doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt after reading the article about Coach Sulkowski using the school district credit card for dinner at Whitey’s Fish Camp. The use of a school district vehicle for him to go to a weightlifting meet in addition to the school bus carrying the team isn’t as bad, but still annoys me. The alcohol purchase is more or less icing on the proverbial cake of wasted tax payer dollars.

I’m not picking on Coach Sulkowski as I can’t believe it’s a problem restricted to just the football coach. I’m sure coaches in other sports have the same freedoms, at least the ones that bring in the most money. The poor tennis, swim and track coaches are second tier. No free dinners at Whitey’s for you guys.

The discussion from the administration on down about lack of funds for the classrooms is a constant hum these days. I’ve been to Whitey’s and besides the fact it’s a heck of a drive from anywhere, it’s not cheap. So once you factor in dinner for three, drinks and a district vehicle you could easily be looking at over $150.

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Pre-K Center welcomes spring with fun, games

Kylee Sue Johnson during tug-of-war.Jaxon Echols in the relay race.Principal Bonnie Jones drives the ATV-powered train full of children.

Children at the Prek-Kindergarten Center welcomed back spring last week at the school’s 2013 Spring Fling, a day of games, music and snow cones with parents and teachers.

Groups of children rounded the various stations — tug of war, sack race, bounce houses and others — while fast-paced music pumped from speakers and parents snapped photos of their kids playing. The annual event took place on March 28 during the last week of school before spring break.

Councilman rents SHIP house; county could file lien for $45K balance on taxpayer-funded loan

The Foster SHIP on February 27.Glen town councilman Morris “Dickie” Foster is renting out a house formerly occupied by his late mother — a home paid for with an interest-free, deferred payment loan from the government that prohibits the property’s sale or lease until 2028.

The county manages the taxpayer-funded loan program known as SHIP (State Housing Initiatives Partnership) and holds a mortgage on the property for the balance of the loan, some $45,000.

The county has no plans to stop Mr. Foster from renting the house, however.

Mr. Foster, a plumber whose company worked on the SHIP house, purchased the property on which the home sits at 10255 N. Glen Ave. in 2005.

At that time there was an existing 844-square-foot, wood-frame house on the small lot next door to Mr. Foster’s residence.

Property records indicate the sale price was $60,000. Mr. Foster put $9000 down and took out a $51,000 mortgage to finance the remainder of the purchase, court records show.

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Long road home for teen accident victim

Corey Craig's homecoming party.

Corey Craig (pictured at center above) of Macclenny came home Friday night to a huge gathering of well wishers after four months of therapy at the Sheperd Center in Atlanta, GA, a hospital that specializes in medical treatment, research and rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injury and brain injury.

Mr. Craig suffered a spinal injury in a vehicle accident on December 1, 2012 on Claude Harvey Road that took the life of another teen, Jordan Sommise.

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