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$10 seating on field ridiculous

Dear Editor:

A child has a high school graduation just one time. It should be enjoyable.

Since 60 percent of our taxes go to the school system, parents should not have to pay $10 each to sit on the field (at Memorial Stadium) to see their children graduate. Taxes paid for the football field.

Some of us are not able to get up and down the stadium steps very well. This is a shame and disgrace for a money-hungry administration.

Many changes are needed to improve the failing school system and bring it to what it should be, and until the administration changes there will never be any changes in the system. There is  too much “good ole boy” politics.

No one at the high school could tell me what this money (the $10 to sit on the field) is used for. I just got the “deer in the headlights” look.

Francis Burnsed of Sanderson

Yea, school board salaries are on high side

Lotsa buzz about a bill introduced in the Florida Senate this spring to toss out the state formula for calculating the salaries of school board members in the state’s 67 counties.

Introduced by Sen. Steve Wise of Jacksonville, a Republican, it had everybody getting in on the act. Another slam by the GOP-dominated legislature on public schools, brayed the Democrats.

Finally, a realistic measure to address what is basically a corrupt system where salaries are pegged to a county’s population, set artificially high with no accountability, countered the Republicans.

Well, the bill didn’t get very far — dying in committee on April 13. In fact, it got but a single vote, that of Mr. Wise.

Nice try. He made his point and it’s not all lost.

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