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Daily Archives: December 31, 2015

Inmate housing costs run over budget

County commisioners will consider paying about $135,000 in over budget inmate housing costs to BCDC Tuesday during their first regular meeting of the year. Read More »

Roads turn deadly: Five fatalities occur in final days of 2015

Baker County roadways turned deadly in the days between Christmas and New Years, with three separate

Bent up bicycle at the fatality scene.

Bent up bicycle at the fatality scene.

accidents boosting the number of fatalities in 2015 by five, three of them in one fiery crash on Interstate 10.

With mere hours remaining in the year at press time, the death toll here reached 11, two of the victims pedestrians and one a bicycle rider. Read More »

Lonzie, the drug culture make headlines

Reviewing archives (thankfully digital now) of the past year’s events of crime and misbehavior, one is reminded of what we often hear about each week’s coverage — it all kind of reads the same. Read More »

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