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Hand-delivered letters to Santa

Children at the PreK-Kindergarten Center were treated to a visit with Santa on December 17 during which the students hand delivered their Christmas wish lists to the man in the red suit. Read More »

Union talks stalled over supplements

A special group of some 21 high-level non-instructional school district employees privy to sensitive information, and who are not members of the non-instructional employee union, get a much more lucrative compensation package than rank and file non-instructional union members, particularly when they remain employed by the district for many years and become eligible for what areĀ calledĀ "longevity supplements." Read More »

Costs for CoA hub over from the start

Problems related to cost overruns on the new Baker County transportation center, which had been accumulating for a year and a half before being disclosed recently to county commissioners, continued to be a topic of mounting concern at a commission meeting last week. Read More »

Petulant CEO: Fraser score in error

Last week the top executive at Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital told The Press the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services mistakenly included the facility on a list of hospitals with high rates of potentially avoidable conditions such as blood clots, bed sores and catheter infections. Read More »

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