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Speaks highly of BCSO cooperation

Dear Editor:

This summer I completed a sexual issues course at UNF as part of my graduate studies in clinical mental health counseling. I invited the coordinator of the rape crisis team from the Women’s Center of Jacksonville to speak with the class about how she and the team go about creating a sense of safety when intervening in sexual assaults and support of survivors.

I learned that the center also serves Baker County, and the coordinator spoke very positively about the way of sheriff’s department intervenes in these situations, and she contrasted it with law enforcement in other counties.

She said BCSO intervenes in ways that are respectful of rape survivors and demonstrates understanding of the trauma as well as in the disclosure and investigative process.

As a member of this community the past 20 years and a counselor nearing the end of clinical training, I appreciate the informed and supportive partnership that exists between our sheriff’s department and professionals who deliver services to crime victims, especially survivors of sexual assault.

The Women’s Center hotline is 904-721-7273 for support 24/7. Calls are confidential.

Jo Mamula

Glen St. Mary

Pre-K Center drums up interest in box tops with decorating contest

Sandy Rourke, winner of the box tops box decorating contest at the PreK Center where her daughter, Kayla (pictured), attends.The winner for best all-around box in the Pre-K/Kindergarten Center’s box top container decorating contest was that made by Sandy Rourke of Maclenny, pictured at left with her Hello Kitty-theme box and daughter Kayla Rourke, 5, a student in Stephanie Combs’ pre-K class.

The box tops on many popular grocery store products can be redeemed for cash and school supplies through a number of different programs. They’re being collected by classes and schools throughout the district.

The Pre-K/Kindergarten Center held a box top box decorating contest to build enthusiasm for the drive this year. The box deemed to have the most spirit came from Catina Jones’ pre-K class and the one recognized as the most creative from Jalinda Owens’ pre-K class.

Jury finds Mann not guilty of child sexual batteries

Defendent Marshall Mann.A six-member jury stayed out just over a half-hour the afternoon of October 12 before returning not guilty verdicts on all six counts of sexual battery and molestation against Marshall Mann of Sanderson.

The swift decision, after nearly four days of often damning testimony against the defendant, stunned the courtroom, according to several officials who were there.

Mr. Mann, 48, the City of Macclenny’s computer and Internet technician who was allowed to keep his $49,000 job following his arrest in March, 2011, still has two counts of lewd and lascivious molestation pending against him. Those charges involve two other female victims who were between the ages of 12-18 when the alleged abuse took place between 2002-2004.

The jury decided the state failed to prove the defendant guilty on three counts each of engaging in a sex act with a victim 12-18 in a familial or custodial role and lewd and lascivious molesting.

Mr. Mann, who did not testify, could have gotten life in prison.

“I won’t have any other comment other than I presented the case and I presented the law,” said assistant state attorney Ralph Yazdiya early this week.

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