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Sheriff’s office makes unintentional cameo in Macclenny rap video

In two shots in Paid Made Family rapper Wil5on's video for the song "My Word" appears the Baker County Sheriff's Office.

In one it's a close up of the logo on the side of a deputy's patrol car. The other is the deputy to whom the car belongs. His face is not shown, but First Coast News identified him as Deputy Johny Hodges.

The video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS97cgeI1AU&sns=em was shot at the BP gas station on U.S. 90 in Macclenny. It contains language that may not be suitable for children.

The sheriff's office announced on Facebook June 9 that it had no part in the video. The officer was at the same location responding to call when the video was made by 7th Sense Films. BCSO's report of the call indicates the officer was sent to the address to check on a report of suspicious person(s), though Maj. Gerald Gonzalez told First Coast News the deputy was called there due to a noise complaint.

"On Saturday, May 31st, a rap group called PMF filmed a video at the BP Gas Station located at 257 W. MacClenny Ave. We received several calls about the Baker County Sheriff's Office vehicle and deputies being in the video. The Sheriff's Office was responding to a call at the BP Gas Station and was inadvertently filmed by the film crew with PMF. In no way is the Sheriff's Office associated with the making of this video," the post said.

The post got more than 20  comments through two days, more than any other post in the BCSO page's recent history.

Wil5on's "My Word" video got a bump in hits too. Since early this week it's garnered about 1000 views a day, reaching 4691 by mid-day Friday, June 13.

Wil50n said he hails from Olustee originally. In a video he posted online today he said Pain Made Family, or PMF, is not a gang. He says it represents his family ties. See it here.

"Pain Made Family is not no gang. I got a daddy and mama that go to church faithfully ... This is not no gang. I represent my people. This is a family who come from nothing ...

“I’m not no saint. I don’t go to church faithfully, but my people do, so don’t try to make me out to be no gangsta. I’m not no gangsta, I’m a hustler. I’m going to hustle by any means. My people gone eat by any means.”

Wil5on apologized to the Baker County Sheriff's Office for any problems the video may have caused for the department, but he said, "At the end of the day, I got a family and I have to do my job too. I’m not beefin' with ya'll [BCSO]. I ain’t got no problem with ya'll."

He continues: "I’m just speaking from a real point of view. We got people in my neighborhood who starving, who lights are off with kids in the house. Ya'll don’t care nothing about that. But the minute we go pick up some drugs, ya'll want to lock us up. But that’s the only option ya'll left for us. But when I pick up the mic and do something positive with myself to one day give back to my neighborhood, ya'll want to stop that. You don’t want us to get up in life, but this is God’s plan, God's works. You can’t stop it."

Wil5on is an alias for LaRon Wilson, 22. Part of the pain he references in his music is a reflection of losing two brothers, Jarvis Simmons to cancer in 2010 and  Gary Simmons last year in a "brutal" vehicle accident, he said.

Joel Addington

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