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Student arrested for felony battery

A 12-year-old special ed student was named in a complaint for felony battery on his teacher during a midday scuffle on November 21 during which he slammed a door on her hand. Read More »

WES students and proud Americans

As a Veterans Day tribute earlier this month, students from Westside Elementary penned and read aloud short essays about why they’re proud to be Americans. Read More »

Jobless, work force numbers drop

The unemployment rate in Baker County continued falling along with the size of the labor force, and last month stood at its lowest level since the Great Recession hit about five years ago. Read More »

ACA is destined for failure

Dear Editor:

For the first time in modern history, we are attempting to fund an entitlement program with current dollars (ObamaCare). Comparisons to Social Security and Medicare are not relevant.

Read More »

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