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Sheriff reopens 30-year-old murder case

Lt. Brad Dougherty with cold case file on Arthur L. Green Jr.Sheriff Joey Dobson recently reopened the nearly three-decades-old murder case of a young man bludgeoned to death and dumped in the woods south of Macclenny.

The victim’s mother, Marty Green Wallace of Tennessee and formerly a nursing supervisor at the Fraser emergency room in the 1980s, contacted the sheriff in January and requested the case be reexamined.

Ms. Wallace said she’s finally ready to talk publicly about the murder of her 19-year-old son, Arthur Lewis Green, Jr., and revisit perhaps the most tragic event in her life.

Mr. Green moved from his father’s home in Albany, GA to live with his sister, Donna Cooper Pullem, on West Ivey Street in Macclenny. He worked at a gas station at South 6th Street and US 90, known as the Direct Oil station.

About a month after he went missing — not returning home or showing up for work — a couple collecting aluminum cans found Mr. Green’s remains in a logging road ditch in the woods between SR 121 and CR 125 about 5 miles south of Macclenny the evening of September 30, 1983.

“After a few weeks, there wasn’t much left,” Ms. Wallace, 69, said of the remains. “He was covered by a large truck or heavy equipment tire.”

The victim’s bones were found among those of a cow carcass as well.

Physical evidence from the scene, including a red hatchet and other items, were in the custody of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement last week.


Sheriff Dobson said his department, specifically Lt. Brad Dougherty, who is assigned to the case, will be reviewing that evidence and the sheriff’s office case file in the coming weeks and months.

“We’re just beginning to get started,” said Lt. Dougherty.

The file contains documents related to interviews conducted by the late Archie Roberson, who originally investigated the murder, polygraph test results, the medical examiner’s autopsy report and other information.

Lt. Dougherty said he’s investigated other murder cases, including those of Aaron Fox and Melanie Jackson, who were handed 50-year and life sentences, respectively in recent years; but never one as old as the Green case.

The victim’s parents say they were given very little information during the initial investigation and hope a second look by police and the public will turn up new leads.

“When I went to identify him a month or so later, the medical examiner determined he had multiple skull fractures from a pry bar. That was all we ever knew,” said Ms. Wallace. “They always said ...

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