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South Florida transplant appauled by litter, calls for more pride

Dear Editor:

I moved to Glen St. Mary in August of last year from Hollywood, FL to be closer to family. I have grown to love the small town atmosphere. The people I come into contact with here are some of the nicest I have ever met.

My only complaint about the area is that some people do not seem to have any respect for their towns and neighborhoods. I’m talking about the trash and garbage on the side of the roads — fast food wrappers, drink cups, big bags of garbage — sometimes in the middle of the road with cars hitting them and spreading garbage all over.

I am aware of at least two county dumps, and wonder why people want to make the area look like a garbage dump. Returning from Starke the other day, I was behind a car when the driver’s door opened on SR 121 and several empty beer or soda cans went out on the roadway. I swerved to miss them.

Folks need to take more pride in their county, and keep garbage until they can property dispose of it. It’s up to the police to pull these people over when they witness these acts and give them tickets.

Please people, have more pride in your communities.  

Donald Estes

Recently moved to Glen

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