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Kudos to all those who saved her sanity

The daytime crowd at the pre-Christmas parade festival downtown.I had a life changing experience Saturday night. It’s a long story but suffice to say I am so glad I live in Baker County and we have a fantastic set of deputies and firemen working here.

My 4-year-old wandered off from my family while I was gone to retrieve my older child at the end of the Christmas Parade. From the time I learned he was missing till he was found seemed like forever, but it was only 13 minutes. A myriad of emotions washed over me in that time frame — what was he wearing; how do I tell his dad?

I was trying to think of where he might have gone. Was he trying to go to the fire station or was he hungry and went to the food booths? Had someone taken him and was he in one of the hundreds of cars trying to leave the area or would someone not see him in the dark and run over him?

When the city firefighter told me they had found him the relief nearly brought me to my knees. My son had walked to the courthouse because he wanted his mama and he decided to go find me himself. I’m not sure of how he was found, but a nice lady was sitting on the curb with him chatting about something when my parents got there. He wasn’t scared in the least. He told the deputy he was trying to find his mama and when asked gave his name and the deputy informed him they always find the mamas when they get lost. That put his mind completely at ease and he worried no more.

I thank God and big kudos for the quick response of the deputies, firemen and others who helped us look. I’m really grateful for the lady from the Starbucks tent who helped us search and stuck with us until we found him. The lady who found him and sat with him until his granny and grandpa got there very well saved his life. There is no telling where he would have gone next if someone hadn’t stopped him there.

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