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Warning for online holiday shopping

Last week, after years of avoiding it, I finally got a taste of that gluttonous Thanksgiving tradition — not turkey, not gravy and definitely not pumpkin pie, I stuff myself with those each and every year — no sir, I speak of Black Friday.

It was an unplanned but very orderly experience that was over within an hour. It wasn’t anything like the pandemonium you often hear associated with Black Friday, but then again, I was standing in line at midnight with a bunch of geeks at a Gamestop store to pick up something for my nephew.

I’d never even considered such a feat before, so it was nice to stick my toe in the proverbial pool and find out the water’s really not that cold. But I do intend to remain faithful, nonetheless, to online shopping at Christmas; it’s just so easy.

No lines, no crazy soccer moms, no crabby sales associates, and best of all, you can shop for just about anything without leaving your living room whilst updating your fantasy football lineup or checking your Facebook feed.

But I warn you, it’s really, really easy to order crap you don’t need and probably don’t even want, and just as easy to order your friends and family gifts that they probably don’t want, either.

Take this heated towel rack I came across on Amazon.com as I  looked for gift ideas for myself (in my family, we tell each other what we want beforehand, so everybody’s happy).  Perfect gift, right?

Heck no. A heated towel rack just sounds cool. It’s probably a fire hazard.

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