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Jax man arrested on six felonies, including false imprisonment

Jason AmbroseA Jacksonville man is charged with six felonies and two misdemeanors following a standoff with two county deputies at a residence north of Glen St. Mary the afternoon of October 27.

Jason Ambrose, 35, had earlier been at the address on Yellow Pine Circle to retrieve property about noon when he allegedly broke through a locked door, beat estranged girlfriend Amy Masters, 34, then left in her 2002 Ford Explorer.

He returned about three hours later, and refused to allow Ms. Masters and her daughters, ages 10 and 16, to leave the residence. She managed to place a 911 “hang-up” call and Deputy Ben Anderson again returned to the scene.

He said he was met by Ms. Masters when he arrived, and she said the ex-boyfriend was inside with the two girls. The deputy coaxed them outside and heard what he believed to be the suspect attempting to exit through a bathroom window.

Deputy Anderson kicked open the bathroom door and twice tasered the suspect when he refused to show his hands.

Deputy Patrick McGauley arrived as a back-up and stationed himself with a drawn pistol near the window, and released the K-9 Tango when Mr. Ambrose continued to conceal his hands after the taser charges. The dog bit the suspect on the left arm until Deputy Anderson and Sgt. James Marker secured him with handcuffs.

The officer during the first call noted bruising on Ms. Masters consistent with her claim that the ex-boyfriend threw her against a wall and choked her after breaking down the locked door into the residence from the garage. The daughters were unharmed.

Mr. Ambrose is also accused of attempting to run Ms. Masters down in the driveway as he sped away from the scene.

The charges against him include aggravated assault, aggravated assault with the vehicle, battery, two counts of false imprisonment, burglary, vehicle theft and resisting police.

In another case involving Cpl. Anderson, a Georgia man was arrested the afternoon of October 28 for refusing his girlfriend’s request that he stop their vehicle on Interstate 10 and allow her to get out.

Donna Nelson, 41, of Rex, GA called 911 from the westbound vehicle near Glen St. Mary advising she was being held by Richard Barnes, 42, against her will. Deputy Anderson caught up with the 2010 Hyundai as it approached Sanderson about 3 pm.

Mr. Barnes, of Covington, GA, was charged with false imprisonment.

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