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Arrest for ‘fencing’ make-up at Walmart

Police arrested a Jacksonville man the evening of November 12 for attempting to obtain cash refunds at the Macclenny Walmart for merchandise that was likely stolen from either another store or a warehouse.

The arrest was similar to one several weeks ago where a Jacksonville woman was implicated in a similar scheme.

Roosevelt Day, 18, of Jacksonville was confronted at the customer service desk just before 10 pm after an employee became suspicious when he and two others attempted to get cash refunds without receipts.

Deputy Robert Simpkins said Mr. Day was the only person at the counter when he approached him, and had in his possession “a large amount” of makeup items with relatively high monetary value.

The employee said two other suspects were refunded on similar items before the deputy arrived, and one of them presented a computer monitor valued at $170 that was not carried at Walmart.

Mr. Day said he was accompanied by a male he knew only as Diquan, and that a cousin named Tina Williams of Jacksonville asked them to seek refunds after being driven to Macclenny by another subject he knew only as “Slim” who was waiting in the parking lot in a green Ford Crown Victoria.

A sweep of the parking lot turned up no such vehicle.

Deputy Simpkins noted in his report that Mr. Day had no explanation as to why the group did not go to a Walmart in Jacksonville, nor why he was in possession of makeup in such large quantities.

He was booked at county jail for felony dealing in stolen property and for misdemeanor marijuana possession.

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