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Outraged by Mann trial coverage

Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my sincere disappointment with your publication of the story of October 18, 2012 Not guilty of child sexual batteries, votes Mann jury.

I am outraged that this story was published. Have you no consideration for the poor child who is now known to every reader of The Baker County Press? Whether the accused was found guilty or not, this story should never have been published. Whatever happened to protecting the identity of the victim [and yes, her identity will be known, because you published her father’s name]?

Did you not take into consideration that it will now be known by every person of Baker County, plus any others that read this publication, that this child considers herself a victim of sexual assault. Baker County is a small community and information spreads like wildfire.

Now, not only does this child have to live with the circumstances of the accusation and subsequent trial, but also with everyone and anyone knowing who she is. Shame on you for not considering the full impact of this story.

Did the entire county need to know that this man was not found guilty? What purpose did it really serve? That you would stoop to such low standards just to get a headline is unconscionable.

Kimberly Robinson


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