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Deputy scores three DUIs on same night

The same county deputy may have posted a record making three drunk driving arrests during a five-hour period during the early morning hours of September 30.

In two of the arrests, the offenders were also charged with driving on suspended licenses. All of them were in the Macclenny area.

Just after midnight, Deputy Daryl Mobley was called to the intersection of Lowder St. and Miltondale to check out a 1998 Chevrolet pickup parked in the southbound lane of Lowder with its engine running and lights out.

Stephen Bledsoe Jr., 35, of Macclenny was passed out at the wheel and admitted only to smoking a few marijuana cigarettes earlier. He failed field sobriety testing and was charged with DUI, refusal to submit to a blood and urine test, and having a suspended license.

About two hours later, Deputy Mobley arrested Derrickal Major, 26, of Macclenny after observing him driving a 2002 Saturn erratically on US 90 near MLK Dr. He also ran a stop sign at the intersection.

He failed sobriety testing in the parking lot of CVS and his blood alcohol level measured .200 at county jail, more than twice the legal limit.

Late about 5:30, the officer responded to another suspicious vehicle call, this one off James Barton Lane northwest of Macclenny.

There he found a 2006 Chevrolet pickup stopped with its engine running and evidence on dewy grass that it had been steering in and out of ditches.

Driver Claud Armstrong, 32, of Glen St. Mary was passed out at the wheel. He later failed sobriety testing and told Deputy Mobley he thought he was in Jacksonville. HeĀ  refused to take a breathalyzer test at county jail, sufficient under state law for a drunk driving charge.

Late on September 25, Deputy Mobley arrested Jared Fama, 20, of Glen for drunk driving after following his 1996 Chevrolet eastbound on US 90 in Macclenny and observing it veering out of the travel lane in two directions.

Mr. Fama, after failing field testing, refused to take a breathalyzer. He was also charged with driving on a suspended license.

In another alcohol-related arrest, Sebastian Newton, 40, was charged early on September 26 with disorderly intoxication after creating a disturbance at the home of his grandmother Hattie Brown near Sanderson.

He told Deputy Robert Aberly he became upset when he could not find his teeth.

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