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It’s time to inform on lawless among us

Dear Editor:

Since its opening on September 5, 2006, the members and volunteers of Faith Bible Church along with several other loving and kind contributors have made it possible to serve well over 10,000 meals to our local seniors.

Central Elementary Center in Sanderson has also been the place for our crime watch meetings sponsored by the sheriff’s department, the Community Action Outreach meetings, Monday night exercise class and several health-related classes sponsored by our local health department.

In anticipation of our sixth anniversary, we closed down to do some repairs to the center’s kitchen and dining room and to make some additions such as a new TV, computers, new doors and windows.

Some time Thursday, August 30 or the next day, someone broke out our brand new windows, entered the center, took a new 50-inch flat screen TV and walked out of our front door. Reportedly, no one saw anything.

The thieves did not leave any fingerprints but God knows who you are. He knows your lookout, your driver, and the people who cover and lie for you, the buyer and the ones who know but refuse to help. You are all equally guilty.

We don’t believe these individuals represent the majority of our community, however there is a small group of individuals in our neighborhood who steal, possess and sell drugs and live as if they are not accountable to anyone. Their presence attracts others just like them.

All that evil needs to prosper is for good people to do nothing. When good people do nothing the wicked prosper.

We are asking for two things. First, if you have any information about who burglarized the center and stole our TV, please let us know. Second, alert your neighbors and the sheriff’s office to any criminal activity going on around you.

Let’s not make our community a comfortable place for criminals. Let’s do something and take a stand for what is right. If you know a criminal, tell on them!

Pastor Videll and Marva Williams

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