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Bullets top Williams, Johnson YMCAs

The Baker Bullets swim team got a big win on Saturday, July 7, defeating the Williams and Johnson YMCAs in Jacksonville. The Bullets had some strong individual performances and good times in the relays.

“Our coaches are very happy about the progress of the swimmers so far this year,” said coach Bullets Andy Johnston. “They have overcome many obstacles, especially the weather, to swim strong going into the last two weeks of the season.”

We are looking forward to the meet this weekend to see the competition for championships next Sunday

Jonathan Mobley got things going for the Bullets with a win in the 100-yard individual medley in 1:26.62. Kelsea Crain and Logan Todd were first and second in the girls 13-14 year old 100 individual medley with Crain winning in 1:39.75.

The Bullets swept the 11-12 medley with Kyrie Holman, Karlee Nelson, Loriann Bliss and Alaina Crawford taking the top four places. Holman finished in 1:37.88 for the win.

The Bullets also swept in the boys 11-12 year old medley with Ethan Knight winning in a quick time of 1:18.31. Dylan Ray, Matt Voyko, Dalton Ray and Josh Ossmann finished the sweep.

Alexandria Hill took second in the girls 9-10 year old medley. Braedon Knight took first and Landon Prevatt third in the boys 9-10 medley with Knight touching at 1:17.03.

Kelsea Crain and Andrea Clark finish first and second in the girls 12-13 100 backstroke with Crain winning in 1:39.41. Karlee Nelson and Loriann Bliss were first and second, respectively, in the girls 11-12 50-yard backstroke. Nelson won in 47.47.

Chase Reynolds took first and Matt Voyko third as the Bullets won the boys 11-12 50-yard backstroke. Reynolds came home in 44.50.

Emily Ossmann was third in the 9-10 50-yard back and Tyler Hardin was second for the boys. Alexis Garner and Caroline Cooper were second and third in the girls 7-8 25-yard backstroke. Carson Shedd won for the boys in 27.14. Kaelin Kuester and Jack Putney won for the Bullets in the 6 and under backstroke.

The relay team of Ashton Ray, Logan Todd, Andrea Clark and Jonathan Mobley won the 200 mixed freestyle in 2:26.68. Kyrie Holman, Chase Reynolds, Ethan Knight and Loriann Bliss won the 11-12 200 mixed in 2:29.

Amanda Cruz, Landon Prevatt, Braedon Knight and Hannah Peterson won the 9-10 200-yard mixed freestyle in 2:53.44. Cheyenne Croft, Kyler Wilkerson, Hannah Johnston and Daniel Westinghouse won the 8 and under 100 mixed in 1:46.20.

Ashton Ray won the girls 13-14 100 breaststroke in 1:50.69 and Jonathan Mobley won for the boys in 1:34.78. Karlee Nelson won the girls 11-12, 50 yard breaststroke in 51.41. Molly Walters and Courtney Waltrip were second and third. Ethan Knight won for the boys in 40.78 and Dalton Ray was third. Alexandria Hill was third and Emily Ossmann fourth for the 9-10 girls.

Alexis Garner won the 7-8 25-yard breaststroke in 33:00 and Hannah Johnston was third. Daniel Westinghouse was first in 33:15 for the boys. Jordyn Knight and Jack Putney won in the 6 and under category in 36:81 and 37:47, respectively.

Ashton Ray, Andrea Clark and Logan Todd swept the girls 13-14 50-yard butterfly with Ray winning in 47:19 and Kyrie Holman won for the 11-12 girls in 46:43. Chase Reynolds won for the boys in 42 flat. Brianna Thornton won for the 9-10 girls in 1:05.47. The boys swept the top three places with Braedon Knight winning in 35:78. Landon Prevatt and Kyle Voytko were second and third.

Hannah Johnston and Caroline Cooper were one and two for the 7-8 girls in the 25-yard butterfly with Johnston winning in 32.17. Daniel Westinghouse won in 32.85 with Kyler Wilkerson finishing second. Jordyn Knight and Kaelin Kuester were one and two for the girls 6 and under with Knight touching in 40.59.

Jonathan Mobley won the 50 freestyle in 32.62. Ashton Ray won for the girls in 35.40 with Kelsea Crain and Andrea Clark finishing in second and third place. Kyrie Holman won for the 11-12 girls in 37.97 followed by Loriann Bliss and Alaina Crawford. Ethan Knight won for the boys in 29.96. Alexandria Hill was second for the 9-10 girls and Braedon Knight won in 32.07 for the boys. Landon Prevatt finished third.

Hannah Johnston won the 25-yard freestyle for the 7-8 girls in 26.40 and Caroline Cooper was third. Kyler Wilkerson won for the boys in 22.16. Kaelin Kuester and Jordyn Knight were second and third for the 6 and under girls while Jack Putney won in 30.22 for the boys.

The Bullets compete at home this coming Saturday at the YMCA pool. The meet starts at 9 am and the pool will be closed to the public until after the meet.

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