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‘Watery’ field day at Keller

After competing in annual field day activities the morning of May 4, students at Keller Intermediate School did all they could to get soaked by Macclenny Fire Department volunteer Charlie Green, who was stationed atop a fire engine with a hose.


Pictured above are 12-year-old Devon Parker (left) and Hayden Bennett, 11, both fifth graders, enjoying the outdoor shower.

Classes rotated from the tug-of-war area (below right), to a hula hoop passing race (below left), to a sack race and then onto another race in which they attempted to fill a 2-liter bottle with water using only a tiny paper cup to transfer the liquid from a bucket some 10 feet away.

To see more photos from Keller's field day and this week's edition, and to order prints, click here.From left in front are Hunter Jackson, Sunny Christmas and Hana Ritter. Also pictured are Shelby Arwine, Sierra Joyner (in hat), Sabrina Donaldson and Raegan Williams.

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