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Molded and shaped young lives

Dear Editor:

Recently we were guests at a reception in honor of Mr. Tom Covington. Coach Covington was at Baker County High School from 1957 to 1968. He and his lovely wife Joanne were among those educators for whom teaching was a “calling” rather than a job.

They sowed seeds of encouragement and discipline that demanded the best of their students and influenced lives far beyond the high school years. They showed by example how to be men and women of integrity, how to love others as you love yourself.

Even after over 40 years, a majority of former players were there to honor this couple. A successful group of men, husbands and fathers, and now grandfathers, whose own lives have left indelible marks on our community. They are men of business and education, government leaders, and professionals, all who played for “T.C.”

What was then all about the Friday night game or track meet was really about the molding and shaping of young lives.

Thank you, Coach and Mrs. Covington, for your loving investment in us. May we be as diligent to pay it forward.

Gary and Kathy Barber

Glen St. Mary

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