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Roland Dumas of Glen St. Mary, dies

Roland Edward Dumas, 61, of Glen St. Mary died November 11, 2011 at the Acost-Rua Center for Caring.

Mr. Dumas was a resident of Baker County for the past six years. Prior to living in Baker County he resided in St. Louis, Missouri for most of his life. He was a machinist working with heavy equipment and had been employed at Walmart Super Center in Macclenny for the past six years. He was a member of the Moose Lodge of Macclenny.

Survivors include daughters Crystal (James) Bizelli, Hillsboro, MO and Cynthia (Jerry) Daniels, Mountain View, MO; brothers  Jack (Sue) Dumas, DeSoto, MO, Danny (Mary) Dumas, Eminence, MO and Larry (Linda) Dumas, Glen St. Mary; grandchildren Kristan, Jamie, Timothy, Jeffrey, Bethany and James, and also nieces and nephews.

A private funeral service will be conducted at a later date. Guerry Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

‘Wild Man’ goes public using social media

Taylor Wild Man's profile photo on Facebook.Baker County’s very own bogeyman — better known as the Taylor Wild Man — has emerged from the shadows and found an Internet connection.

“You know you were my worst nightmare growing up,” commented Pauline Faye Gibbs on the Taylor Wild Man’s Facebook page. “Now you don’t seem so scary. Happy Halloween Taylor Wild Man.”

To get better acquainted with the once illusive terror that’s plagued local children’s imaginations for generations, The Press contacted the Taylor Wild Man via social media to request an interview.

The interview and his posts to Facebook and Twitter show him to be a straight-talkin’ hunter and lover of the great outdoors, and a fan of the Florida Gators. He appears to have a crush on Miranda Lambert as well.

Taylor Wild Man: I just got a message on the Facebook from a young lady that said ya’ll might want to interview me. I reckon that sounds like a good idea. I don’t really know what ya’ll want to know about me, but if you wanna send me some questions I can try to answer them the best I can.  Ya’ll could try to come out here and find me, but most of the time when someone sees me I wasn’t looking to hold a meet and greet. I pretty much keep to myself for obvious reasons.

Joel Addington: Excellent. I guess my first question is how should I address you? Taylor? Mr. Wild Man?

TWM: You can call me the Wild Man an I guess.

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Schools rolled it out for veterans

The Baker County Community Theatre production of A Star Spangled Salute, a tribute to military veterans, wrapped up its four-day run on Sunday and I was lucky to have been a part of it.

My father was a Navy veteran who throughout his life was involved in music. He always urged me to do more with my voice and I promised him before he died last April that I would. This unique musical salute to military veterans seemed the perfect way to begin to act on that promise.

Taking the plunge back into community theater after an absence of two decades was a little intimidating. The music part was a breeze, but I haven’t done any acting in so long, I wasn’t sure I still knew how.

The last time I hit the theater stage I played a young Hollywood ingenue conniving to undermine the performance of a more famous and experienced actress.

Skip 20 years forward and I’m playing the part of a mother whose soldier son is sent home temporarily from Afghanistan to recover from an injury.

Both parts required a real shift in mental gears since I have no experience with either situation. But, that’s why it’s called acting.

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Attorney and architect contracts, Hi-Q team recognitions on school board’s Nov. 22 agenda

On next Tuesday's school board meeting agenda are:

• The board will recognize the BCHS varsity and junior varsity Hi-Q teams and retiree Mary King, deliver a thank you to R.H. Davis Oil of Macclenny for donating $1000 (two $500 grants) to each of the district's six schools and hear a song from the Pre-K Kindergarten Center's Kinderchorus group.

• Under routine items, the board will appoint new representatives from the board to serve on the state-wide school board association and the Small School District Council Consortium. Also under routine items, which are voted upon together in a single vote, board members will consider agreements with its legal counsel, Foley & Lardner, and its architectural consultant, Akel, Logan & Shafer, both of Jacksonville; the board's 2012 calendar and who will serve as the board's new chairperson and vice chairperson.

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