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Wilford Crews, 46, dies October 23

Wilford Lamar Crews, 46, of Macclenny died Sunday October 23 at his home following a long illness.

He had resided in Macclenny all of his life. He was a newspaper delivery man with the Florida Times Union at the time of his death. He also was self-employed as a roofer and an auto mechanic for many years. Mr. Crews attended Raiford Road Church, was an avid Gator fan and enjoyed fishing. He was preceded in death by parents Jefferson Thomas Crews and Frances Wilkerson Crews.

Survivors include soulmate Mary Thomas; daughter Julie Thomas, granddaughter Kirsten Thomas; brother David Gatlin; sisters Marilyn (Kenneth) Turk, all of Macclenny and Debra Gainey of Glen St. Mary; numerous nieces and nephews.

A memorial visitation for family and friends was held from 6-9 pm Wednesday, October 26 at Guerry Funeral Home in Macclenny. Final disposition was by cremation.

Varsity Hi-Q team stands undefeated at mid-season

JV Hi-Q team members from left: Videll Williams, Tommy Allbright, Megan Anderson and Forrest ElledgeDo you know the difference between a recession and a depression ... the tenants of spherical geometry ... the region of Russia that lies within the Arctic Circle ... or the various battles of the Korean War?

There’s a small group of Baker High students whose wealth of knowledge extends to all of the above and much more.

Meet the Wildcat Hi-Q teams.

Eleven players in all — six upperclassmen on the varsity squad and five sophomores and freshmen on the junior varsity team — have been matching wits with academic teams from Bradford, Union and Columbia counties in recent weeks.

See them in action here.

The varsity team of Dillon Burnsed, Zachory Spencer, Allejandro Guerra, Reagan McKendree, Sarah Harrell and Chelsea Moore have gone undefeated in their first three contests, winning two matches by overwhelming margins.

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Occupy Baker County – sign up now!

We should feel left out.

Nobody around here is talking about an “Occupy Baker County” movement. They’ve sprouted up everywhere else, drawing legions of the “dispossessed” from the ranks of college kids with degrees in transgender colonialism who can’t get jobs and have left their parents’ basements long enough to allow a thorough cleaning, organized labor (mostly public employees I suspect), aging hippies from the 1960s who’ve been waiting around for something like this for a half-century, anarchists, communists, socialists and — similar to the late 1960s when yours truly was in college — hangers-on pretty much there for the sex and rock ‘n roll.


In fairness, there are others with legitimate grievances — people with underwater mortgages or foreclosed mortgages, society’s “contributors” who find themselves in the ranks of the unemployed, etc.

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She saves up candy for Halloween

Sue End of Macclenny really loves Halloween, and she’s delighted it will be a one-night affair this year.

Last fall, when Halloween fell on a Sunday, the Baker County Commission asked that trick or treaters venture out on Saturday instead, so that trick or treating coincided with the other Halloween-themed events in the community, some at local churches.

Commissioners designated by formal proclamation that the night of October 30, 2010 would be “the official trick or treat night.”

For the last decade, Ms. End and her husband John have prepared for the holiday by hoarding copious amounts of candy, dispensing the sweets to eager trick or treaters. They host a Halloween party at their Miltondale Dr. home for friends as well.

And last year was no different.

“We got kids on both nights,” she said of Halloween weekend 2010. “Unfortunately, on Sunday, I didn’t have any candy to give out.”

This year, with Halloween safely on a Monday, there should be no confusion about when trick or treating will take place. For Ms. End, however, it’s never been a question.

“Halloween is always October 31. Are you going to change Christmas because it falls on a weekday and messes up your work week?” she asked rhetorically. “[Halloween] is not about evil. It’s just a fun holiday for kids to dress up and go out and celebrate.”

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