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The facts were distorted

Dear Editor:

I find myself in the unfortunate position of having to clarify my comments regarding the expansion of the Baker County Health Department’s dental wing due to an effort to distort the facts by persons within the department’s administration.

I fully support medical and dental care for indigent citizens in Baker County. To do otherwise would be inhumane.

I never said I spoke to “all” nor did I specifically name any dentist in Baker County who stated he or she was against the expansion [from four to eight dental chairs], contrary to what [BCHD assistant director] Terrenia Staier or [director] Kerry Dunlavey implied or said after a flurry of calls.

What I did say can be located on page eight of the [county commission] minutes, to wit: “I do know that the ones that I spoke to specifically said that they did not support it.”

That means I had not spoken to “all” and the expansion would only be opposed if there was an intention to accept private insurance or self-pay at a reduced rate due to a belief it would negatively impact private practice.

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