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Prop up farmers market

Dear Editor:

What makes a successful farmers market? We need both vendors and customers!

From the vendors’ point of view, the day starts well before market opening; preparing goods for sale, figuring out the best pricing, deciding on the proper display and getting to the market by 7:30. A good sale day would include making contact with customers and potential buyers and selling a good part or all of the stock brought for sale.

From the customer’s point a view, looking forward to going to the market to buy unique, fair priced, fresh goods that are not available elsewhere.

In today’s economy, we must be committed to buying local, to support the residents of this area. Baker County and the surrounding area are full of crafts people, farmers and nurserymen who produce high quality goods for sale.

We as members of the Farmers Market board are committed to keeping this great market open and are asking you, the community, to make the commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit of the small business owner, by making the market a Saturday morning destination.

Vendors come and sell! Community come and buy!

Helene Guest
Farmers Market board member

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