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Local business first

Dear Editor:

I feel compelled to write in response to the Reader Sparked column in last week’s edition.

I am the mother who wrote the question as to why the high school continues to use Cady & Cady Studios for [Baker High] yearbook photos. Myself and others have used them in the past because we thought we had to. I found this company to be unprofessional and very expensive when my son graduated in 2009.

We all want local business to support our athletes, FFA programs, band and other school functions. It makes you feel like a hypocrite to ask local merchants to support these endeavors when we as parents won’t stand up and say, when possible, keep our spending local to help support the local economy that we depend on to support our youth programs. That makes a lot more sense than sending it to other counties for a shoddy job.

will pay the $25 sitting fee to get my son’s photo in the yearbook, and then find a local photographer and have him/her do the pictures I will buy.

Maybe if we all do the same, the school will get the idea and find some way to keep the business local. Do the math. If we have 300 seniors graduating, that’s $7500 — not bad for just the sitting fees. Know any local photographers who could use that?

Kitty P. Blanks, Taylor

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