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County commission’s June 7 agenda



Tuesday – June 7, 2011


4:00 P.M.  Public Forum Meeting with Commissioners and County Manager




I.                   Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance


II.                Presentation of Amendment to the Agenda (if any)


III.             Approval of Regular Agenda


IV.              Approval of Consent Agenda Items

1.      Approval of Minutes May 16, 2011

2.      Expense Report

3.      COA request to waive AG Center rental fees for “Real Senior Prom”

4.      Planning Department Request for Public Hearing June 20, 2011 @ 6pm

a.       Special Use:  Wireless Telecommunication Facilities submitted by Dupont Co

 b.  First Baptist Church of Glen St Mary, Florida – Petition for closing and                  abandonment of a portion of George Taber Boulevard- Res. 2011-06 


V.                 Committee Reports or Items


VI.              Constitutional Officers


VII.           Persons Wishing to Appear

1.      Representative Janet Adkins/Update on the Florida Legislature

2.      Meg McGauley-Kerry Dunlavey/State of YMCA after 10 years

3.      Alterial Baker/NE Fla. Community Action Agency request for funds after school program for at risk youth.

4.      Jon Mobley/Boy Scouts of America

5.      Sharon Padgett


VIII.        County Manager

1.      George Taber Rd. Update

2.      Old Jail Update

3.      Glen Nursery Rd Bypass Mitigation

4.      Simmons/Ruise SHIP change order

5.      Jay Patel-Raceway

6.      NFEDP billing and appointments


IX.              Commission Comments


X.                 County Attorney Comments

1.      Hanson Roof Tile, Inc. Mediated Settlement Agreement


XI.              Persons wishing to appear who are not on the agenda (limit 3 minutes)

XII.           Adjourn

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