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Couldn’t pick up the cat

Dear Editor:

Why is it that politicians can spend into the millions of dollars to get my vote, but will not appropriate funding for a state program? Last time I checked we citizens are the employers of public officials. We vote them in and pay their ridiculous salaries.

Case in point: I had a few stray cats in my neighborhood, and yes, they were a nuisance and a pain. But do they not have any rights?

One of these stray cats landed at my front door seriously injured. I called Baker County animal control, and was not surprised when told that  limited funding would not allow these fine woman and men to come to my home and assist the injured cat.


Animal control went above and beyond to assist me in getting the cat delivered to them. Thank you, Steve with animal control, for all the help.


It is long overdue for our elected government to be held accountable for their actions. Our schools are struggling, our older generation has to make hard choices everyday to survive. The cat that found its way to my home is expected to make a full recovery minus the sight in one eye.

In closing I just need to know where shall I send my gas receipt for reimbursement for my trips to pick up the cage and return it to animal control (ha ha!).

Maureen Shackleton
Glen St. Mary

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