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Deborah Alford, 57, of Glen dies

Deborah Iris Alford, 57, of Glen St. Mary died May 1, 2011.

She was born in Jacksonville to the late A.Q. “Buster” Williams and Iris Dorman Williams on November 16, 1953. She was a life long resident of Baker County and a member of Cedar Creek Church.

Mrs. Alford loved her family, children, grandkids and friends. She enjoyed being outside, fishing and drawing. She was predeceased by grandson Justin.

Survivors include her husband of 35 years, Ray Alford of Glen St. Mary; children Jon (Julie) Theophile, Frank Theophile, Thomas Edward (Kelly) Alford and Brandi Ray Estep, all of Glen, Patsy (Marty) Kelly of Callahan, Teresa Alford and Tony Ray (Veronica) Alford of Macclenny; brother Michael Edward (Diane) Williams; sister Teresa (Donny) Jacobs; 24 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

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Living room goes ‘English’ the morning of vows

I thought I had been magically transported “across the pond” on Friday morning when I walked out into my living room at 7:00. There, sitting on my couch, were five women in pajamas, wearing flowered hats and drinking PG Tips tea (pinkies extended daintily) while eating scones.

“Pip, pip, cheerio!” said my wife as I wandered into the middle of Kelley’s Royal Wedding Watching Party. Most of the ladies had been there since 4:00 or 5:00 and were having a wonderful time.

“Are we going to find this party in a column?” asked Fay Sinclair as she nibbled on a cucumber sandwich.

“Oh, undoubtedly,” I responded as I got the coffee machine going. No PG Tips for me. “Do we have a bride?”

“Oh, yes,” said Alana Harvey, who was wearing her own Royal Wedding T-shirt. “They are signing the register.”

“Then I missed it?”

“You did,” said Marilyn Harrell. “But I’m sure you’ll get to see it again,” added Lil Smith.

It was a festive bunch and as Fay’s mother, Miss Fay, would have said in one of her columns, “A fine time was had by all.” Kelley had decorated with tule and pictures of the bride and groom. She brought out her English bone china that she and Alana bought in Scotland.


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Republicans’ one-sided budget policy

Somebody needs to give Congressional Republicans a lesson in accounting. Newsflash guys, a balance sheet has two sides, just like your warped brains.

If the US Department of the Treasury could get a nickle every time a conservative governor or legislator says, “We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem,” then we wouldn’t have any problems.

Of course we have a revenue problem. The economy fell off a cliff, which it seems to do once every decade, and it's coming back, however slowly.

Less cash changing hands means less taxation and fewer resources for the government, the church, the grocer and Bill Gates, who by the way didn’t become a billionaire by not spending money. As the tired cliche goes, it takes greenbacks to make greenbacks.

And while I'm not saying government is in the business of making money, it is in the business of providing goods and services in return for all these bloody taxes and fees we pay.

The trick is not wasting the people’s hard earned tax money by letting Mr. Gates only pay social security taxes on the first $125,000 he makes every year or failing to means test Medicare or subsidizing oil exploration in the gulf. Why can't I pay social security taxes on less than 1 percent of my annual income?

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